What is GMACK Fundraiser?


     We are an Indiana based company dedicated to helping organizations raise funds by selling high quality laundry detergents & softeners.



     Our mission is to help your group achieve and exceed your fund-raising goals! We can make it happen, and we do this regularly by offering a high quality, practical fund-raiser that people will use and love!



     A division of GMACK Graphics located in Anderson, IN. We have helped groups raise thousands of dollars for their individual groups. References and samples are available, we are here to help... contact us for more information or to schedule your group fund-raiser TODAY!



     Five gallon buckets of laundry detergent and softeners, comparable to higher priced retail detergents. We offer many different scents and types and sell to groups that need to raise funds for any cause. Churches, Schools, PTO, PTA, Sports Teams.... got questions? Ask! We are fully staffed Monday-Friday 10-5 pm and ready to help YOU and your organization! We have over 6 years experience coordinating sales and we love to share our success stories. References and samples upon request - ANYTIME!


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